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I’ve always been a bit into photography.

Taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine (even if most of them are self portraits)

Theres something that connects me to photography.

Seeing a photograph, a still memory, a visual capture of a moment. The colors.

It makes me feel something and I love that.



So it was only natural that eventually I’d be curious about film.

There was part of me that felt sort of reluctant about wanting to shoot film?

As if it was just something people do to talk about and be “cool”.. like I’m just someone who’s jumping on the bandwagon..

but actually it’s not that at all..

it just is REALLY cool.

(side note: I sometimes let that feeling of shame or whatever it is stop me from trying things.. like who am I to do this? I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know anything about it.. for fear out of being a poser or something.. but that’s nonsense.. if you like something or are curious about something GO FOR IT! TRY IT! don’t stand in your own way)

Now back to the regularly scheduled program


Loving film pictures and having been able to take some myself I totally get it now.
It’s addicting and I have become one of those people who wants to go out and shoot an endless amount of rolls.

If I could afford it… I’d probably shoot majority of my shots on film.

I honestly don’t even know how to explain it… so I won’t even really try.

I’ll just say, if you want to try it you totally should (it’s awesome)

And if you know what I’m talking about.. you just know.


I’m going to stop rambling about my love affair with film and just show you some pictures now because I’m not even really saying much of anything anyway

Some of these have been posted so you might be seeing them again..

and fair warning: I just like to take pictures.

I don’t really know what I’m doing or how to work the settings with any sort of actual knowledge about them.. I simply just enjoy taking pictures and hope they turn out.

I will say.. for someone who doesn’t know much about photography.. I’m far enough into my love of it that I want to buy too many cameras and try all kinds of different films.

aaaaand that being said, I’ll probably end up posting more film pictures as I take/develop them and I’m already excited about it LOL


Without further ado here are some pictures I took:

All pictures here were taken with a Minolta SRT101 and Kodak Gold 200
Do you shoot film? What’s your favorite camera/film?



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