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Current read: Real Artists Have Day Jobs

So I’ve spoke about how I’m always taking on more books than I can handle and how it’s quite an accomplishment when I can actually sit with a book and make my way through the whole thing.

(Guys I’ve been checking out too much stuff from the library plus stopped by the book sale and bought some books there.. it’s a problem. But a really cool problem.. right?)


This book was such an easy read though! Even when I was tired I found myself wanting to at least read a page or two before bed.
Sara ( I’m just gonna pretend we’re on a first name basis here…) has a way of making things lighthearted and easy to grasp.
She talks about the issues she’s gone through and speaks as not some above all know it all.. but rather a real human who has gone through some things and has learned some stuff.

The way she shares what she has to say makes this book feel like a letter from a friend.

She talks about a lot of things that you can either relate to or empathize with.

While reading you will go through a range of different emotions and she has a wonderful way of balancing the seriousness out with humor.

It’s honest, funny and touching.

This is the first book I’ve read of Sara’s.. but reading this has led to check out her other book Agorafabulous!..

So there may be a post on that one in the future!

Let me know if you end up reading it/have read it and what you thought!

What’s the last book you read?


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