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Loner connections

It’s an interesting combination to love to be alone but long for meaning and connection.

I guess part of the isolation stems from that need for real connection.

You come to realize you don’t want to settle for being around others merely for the sake of being around someone.

I have a hard time connecting and in return have found my sanctuary in my solitude.

It’s a beautiful place here. There’s no empty feeling from trying to create bonds and trying to let yourself be seen and see what’s in others when it’s not naturally forthcoming.

It’s a place where you are free to be exactly who you are.

The way I feel when I’m alone is what I expect from the bonds I create.

An acceptance.  A natural sort of harmony.


I don’t expect things to be perfect but I do expect to find those who can be/show who they are and allow me to do the same.

Sometimes I wish I could break out of my confinement more.

After all, it’s just me.

Most people have friends. Most people go out and do things. With me, it’s basically just me.

I do have a couple people in my life, but majority of my time is spent alone.

Now although there is this beautiful world of my own that I have, it’s not perfect.


Human interaction is important.

The simplest conversations can do a lot when done right.

I want to be able to have these conversations.

To bounce my ideas off others and hear different points of view.

To laugh and make memories.


All I really want is  to share myself and be shared with in return… but with the right company.

I would love to have my people.. the ones that just sort of fall into your life and stay there as if they were meant to be there.

I’m still hoping and open and ready to meet them.

Maybe the first step in to leave my bedroom and take some chances again.

Whoever you are, I want to be friends, let’s find each other.



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