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Skincare routine

I’ve gotten a couple people asking me recently what my skincare routine is so I figured I’d make a post sharing what I’ve been using!

To remove my makeup I loosen my makeup with water then use coconut oil to remove it

To wash my face I use this Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap
(A few drops on a wash cloth or other cleansing tool/ hands and mixed with water)

But I make sure not to use this product too much or over wash my skin.

I follow up with a toner.  I recently started using Bretanna Witch Hazel Face & Body Toner ( Infused with Citrus, Sage Aloe essential oils)

but before this one I was using just a plain regular Witch Hazel (go for one without alcohol or it may dry out your skin)

Moisturizing is an important step for me. I have dry skin and when I keep my skin moisturized I can tell a big difference.

I’ve been using both Previse Skincare’s hydromilk and Egyptian Magic (make sure you get the real deal, some places sell a knock off)

Every once in a while I’ll use a mask and I have a couple I love.

I love this rejuvenating antioxidant one from Palmetto Derma. I got it in my boxycharm and I was pleasantly surprised and could actually tell a difference after using it.

The other one I use is a simple clay mask. My dad bought some benzonite clay for detoxing uses so we have a big tub of it. I mix a little of that with apple cider vinegar or water to form a paste and leave it on until dry and then rinse.

Every once in a while I’ll also add some activated charcoal to the mix as well.





Aside from those skincare products there are a few other things I do that may aid in taking care of my skin.


On top of drinking my water I’ve been drinking cranberry juice
(not the cranberry cocktail that’s full of sugar.. the bitter pure stuff!)

and this turmeric tea  (this brand also has a couple different kinds of turmeric tea)

I recently just started taking oil of oregano capsules as well.

I would suggest looking up the health benefits of both turmeric and oil of oregano! There’s a bunch!

Sweat it out. Working out and being active helps detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

Healthier you, healthier skin.

And this one might sound a bit silly but I think it’s actually very important..


Being happy.

Stress can do a number on your health including your skin.

I’ve found that recently I’ve been finding ways to make myself happy and smile more and honestly I’ve noticed since then I’ve been “glowing” and some of you guys have noticed it too.

So take care of yourself.. not only health wise but mentally as well.

Make yourself smile. Laugh.  It really does help!

( I know it’s a lot easier said than done and sometimes it takes a little work to get there but trust me when I say it’s an intoxicating feeling and that glow really shows through)

Now I’m no expert on skincare this is just what I’ve been using recently and I hope this helps!





Some links in this post are affiliate links. This however is not a sponsored post. These are products I purchased and my honest opinions on them

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