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Who we are

I am someone who can not be measured by an abundance of accomplishments or goals fulfilled, or how much money I have.

I don’t have a typical collection of achievements or things that prove my hard work or my worth.

But am someone who is a collection of memories, trials and errors, laughs and heartbreaks.

Measured by how much I love and care.

You can’t know who I am by looking at my bank account or a wall of trophies

but in the little things like how I can appreciate the smallest details and how hard I feel.

My heart breaks for a stepped on snail or flutters when the hummingbird nests her babies outside my window.

I light up when I talk about food and music or when I see fruit growing in the yard.

I sit in nature and feel grateful for all the little things that come together to take place in this bigger picture.

I know both great happiness and great sadness.

The peaks of the highest high and the depths of the lowest low.

I ache for those who are hurting and wish all the greatest degree of happiness.

I may not have done all the things I wanted to and I may not have the money of success..

but if only we could see people for all the things they are, instead of all the areas they’re lacking that we’ve been conditioned to look at.

There’s so much more than status and material.

Look for all the little things that make people who they are.

And if/when you feel like you aren’t where you’re supposed to be or who you are supposed to be

Or don’t have what you wish you had… just keeping going.

Seize your life and do what you want to do.



But also remember all the things that you already are.

Applaud all your little victories and the things you’ve overcome.

Remember the smiles you’ve brought to people,

or that time you kept going when all you wanted to do was give up.

Or how many times you failed but went back to try again..

How compassionate you are.

Think of the things that you enjoy that make life worthwhile.

Look around you and be thankful.

Remember who you are and all you already have


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