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At the moment: What I’ve been watching

I’m not sure how it started, but I’ve gotten pretty into anime lately.

I started by watching Wolf Children and from there I kind of got sucked in.

I’ve seen a few before and although I liked them I wasn’t really running off and looking for more to watch.

(Which totally happened this time… I ended up checking out 5 from the library lol)

But Wolf Children is such a cute film!

It’s basically a story of a woman who has wolf children and what she goes through while raising them.

It’s a cute film and something the whole family can watch.

So that lead me to seek out some more anime to watch and I came across a series called Erased.

Now, going into it I had no idea what it was about but after just one episode I was not only sold, but hooked haha

To put into a vague summary, The main character goes back in time to try to prevent certain things from happening.

Super vague right? But trust me, just watch it!

Each episode is around 22 mins, so they are super digestible (and addicting) and if you don’t end up liking it at least it was only 22 mins.

The theme of this series isn’t something I normally gravitate towards so I’m kind of glad I didn’t know beforehand. It may have prevented me from giving it a chance but I was pleasantly surprised.

If you end up watching these I’d love to hear what you guys think!

What anime should I watch next?

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