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Current Reads

I just finished the book “Love in Lowercase” by Francesc Miralles.

This is a short and sweet little novel of a lonely linguistics lecturer whose life is shaken up a bit by  a chain of simple acts.. (Befriending a stray cat being the main catalyst).

Maybe it’s my own lonely nature that helped me connect to the main character but there’s something charming about this book.

It’s an easy read and I’d recommend  it to anyone looking for the treat of some light reading material.

I’m gonna add a couple quotes from the book that I liked, if you prefer to not know any of the content before reading please look away now  😛

“I suppose I stopped socializing out of fear of being let down again. As an adolescent I got fed up with doing what other people wanted, only to be left high and dry when I needed them.”

“…What we are isn’t important. What we do with what we are is important. Hours are worthless unless you know what to do with them.

“I believe it was Jung who said that all beings are joined by invisible threads. You pull one, and the whole set moves. That is why every small act affects everything and everyone.”

What have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments!

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