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Social Media Love/Hate

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the internet and social media..

That being said.. It’s more of a love/hate relationship we’ve got going on..

Here’s the thing.. I love the internet as an outlet, as a place to share yourself and the things you enjoy.. and in return be shared with.

I love the internet to connect with others.

I love the internet for the infinite amount of knowledge and content it holds..

But social media seems to have kind of morphed into something completely different.


It seems that in addition to enjoying it for the reasons listed above, it has also become this place that creates insecurities and broadcasts massive amounts of negativity.

It’s never been easier for someone to sit behind a screen and feel inadequate in their own life or become so consumed in the things that don’t really matter.

It’s never been easier for someone to pick someone apart for literally ANYTHING.. (Usually something unimportant, normal and very human)

It’s easy for people to throw out their hateful words with no real consequence.


I think it’s important to remember that what you see is not the full story.. what you see is only what someone wants you to see.

Someone posting something that you don’t have does not mean you aren’t as important.

It does not mean that you are lacking.

Instead of feeling as if you’re missing out.. be inspired. Find the things that you love, things that make you happy and go do/go get those things.

The things that are glorified don’t always equal happiness.



Remember that behind those pictures are real human beings with a real life and real feelings.

Hate does no good.

Hate does not make your life any better.

Hate is poisonous.

If you see something you do not like, you do not have to sit there and bash it or tear anyone else apart.

The most important thing is to worry about what is happening in your life.

Before you judge anyone remember we are all just human.. each with our own flaws, interests, mindsets, and stories..


I feel like it’s important to know the difference between true constructive criticism and what is hate just played off as such.

There’s also a difference between having an opinion and having a respectful conversation/discussion/debate about it vs. just being negative/hateful.


The internet can be a useful tool, a great community and an endless source of inspiration when used correctly.


Don’t let the digital world make you lose your manners behind a screen or make you feel inferior to what is on display.


Someone called me the internet police earlier lol

and so be it..

I’m just here offering a little reality check..

You can take it or leave it.



Spreading hate isn’t doing any good.. (and most of those who do it wouldn’t say those things in real life, face to face)



and don’t compare your life to others’, you are not inferior just because you don’t have what you see others having/doing online..






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