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Milk Carton Kids and Julian Lage

Last night I got a chance to check out the Milk Carton Kids show at the Palace of Fine Arts theater in San Francisco.

Every once in a while I tag along to these concerts without much context.. not really knowing the artist’s work but going in with basically new ears.

Usually I enjoy myself quite a bit and sometimes end up coming across artists that I wouldn’t normally come by and to me, that’s really cool.

I’m not one to really find a lot of new music for my library unless it happens at random or through recommendation and tagging along to these shows is kinda a neat way to really get a feel for some of the recommendations I’ve been given.

I really love music, especially the feeling of enjoying good live music.

Music makes my heart full lol… as cheesy as it sounds 😛


But last night was a great show!
They had Julian Lage opening for them playing his guitar and it was quite a treat. Not something I’m used to seeing at a show but still awesome and even inspiring.

You can tell he loves what he’s doing and I liked that you could see him smiling through his set.

Seems like a really nice guy.


Now Milk Carton Kids..

They were not only great sounding live but hilarious on top of that.

There were moments they would go off on some sort of tangent and I didn’t want them to stop talking. They are naturally funny guys.

But then they would starting singing and I didn’t want them to stop playing.

Throughout the show it was a popcorn game between me wanting them to keep playing and wanting to hear them talk and I think they really have a good sort of thing going.

A great balance of fun and real musical talent.

I mean what’s better than laughing and some great live music?


If you’re into that sort of thing and you get a chance to see them live I’d say do it, it’s a good time!
Here’s a couple videos you can check out 🙂

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