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Carrot cake cupcakes

So today I’m sharing a recipe that I randomly decided to try not knowing just how big of a hit they would be in my household.

My dad didn’t seem all that into the idea of them at first…


Then he tried one..

He then continued to eat them until he had almost finished the entire batch himself.


After making them the first time.. there were some subtle hints that I should make them again..

Which turned into him dropping them into conversation often when I hadn’t gotten around to making them again..

It eventually turned to him asking for the recipe because he wanted them bad enough to just do it himself.

Since it’s the season of baked goods it’s the perfect time to whip up a batch yourself and being that they are so easy to make.. why not?!

Now I can’t vouch for the frosting recipe.. but I do know that the cupcakes are so good we love them even without it!

You can find the recipe here




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