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Ways to feel better!

  • Have a cup of tea.. Because it’s like a warm hug for your insides 😛
  • Count your blessings.. As cliche as it sounds sometimes in our low times we forget just how blessed we are. Sometimes it just takes a moment of reflection to realize the beautiful things we have in our life (even just the little ones)
  • Work out.. Work up a sweat, get your blood pumpin’, release those endorphins.. Even just throwing on music and dancing around can boost your mood! (Trust me, I do this often lol )
  • Read.. Take your mind to somewhere else.. get lost in a good story for a bit
  • Be kind/Do something nice for someone/Compliment someone.. Being nice just feels nice. Seeing someone smiles can make you smile. Passing on that good energy makes you feel better, makes the other person feel better and creates a cycle of good. Putting out good feels, makes the good feels come back around to you!
  • Get busy, be productive… Do something you’ve been putting off.. got a long to do list? Get’er doneee.. There’s always something you can get to working on.. keeping busy and checking off things from your to do list can make you feel proud and accomplished and lift some weight off your shoulders.
  • Spend time outside… nature can be calming and healing.. get out there, go for a walk, get some fresh air, slow down, breathe, and soak in the beauty of nature.
  • Get creative.. paint a picture, write a story/poem, cook something new, redecorate. Creating can be fun and therapeutic. Even if you doubt your artistic skills just have some fun with it!
  • Look up cool shit on the internet… caution: you may get sucked into a rabbit hole with this one! THERE’S SO MUCH COOL SHIT ON HERE! I can spend all day online (especially pinterest) looking up interior design, jelly fish tanks, beautiful places around the world, art.. the list is neverending! Go explore the world wide webz!
  • Get weird.. Say things in weird voices.. make weird faces.. flail your arms side to side.. do some weird interpretive dance.. don’t take yourself too seriously and make yourself laugh!



Sometimes you’re just feeling low and that’s okay, you’re human. Use some of these tips to help you feel a bit better through those tough times.

Don’t worry too much, breathe, and remember everything will be okay!

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